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Benefits of Having an E-commerce Website

  • Increased Customer Reach

    When your store run an e-commerce website, it becomes accessible to consumers irrespective of the device they use, such as laptops or smartphones. When the consumer needs something from your store, they can immediately purchase it from you, given the quality and price you have kept. Likewise, you provide access to consumers worldwide through your e-commerce website. At the same time, stores who limit themselves to the traditional form of marketing will have the same number of customers available in their locality.

  • Increased Availability

    Brands who only have a physical location limit sales to certain hours of the day. However, time is never an issue with an e-commerce website. E-commerce websites remain open 24/7, meaning customers can make purchases online at any time of the day

  • Low StartUp and Maintenance Costs

    When you compare an online e-commerce website to a physical store, you can see a considerable difference in terms of the cost involved in both. Physical stores are more costly to maintain as various costs include rent, electricity, and maintenance. However, you can set up an e-commerce website at a fraction of the exact cost involved with little maintenance, no rent, and no electricity bills to pay.

  • Run Your Business from Anywhere in the World

    When you look at offline businesses, you will always notice that the stores will have people running them. There will be a cashier, a receptionist, a security guard, and a salesman. Not only does this add to the monthly maintenance cost for the business to run smoothly, but simultaneously, it means you have to run the business there itself. However, with an e-commerce website, you can avoid all of it since the website is available online. You need not worry about having a receptionist, a cashier, a security guard, and a salesman. All you need is a laptop and internet connection to manage the entire business from anywhere. Yes, it may involve some maintenance and security costs, but it nowhere will amount to the cost involved in offline marketing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our basic e-commerce website usually takes 5-7 business days

Our starting price for a basic e-commerce website with 10 products starts from ₦50,000

We are partners with PayStack and Flutterwave but we can also integrate your website with any payment processor of your choice.

Yes, we do. We can design a custom tailored e-commerce website according to your specification or requirements. Please fill out this form and a sales representative will send you an email.

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